Top 5 Best Web development courses for beginners.

Top 5 Best Web development courses for beginners.

Web programming, also known as web development, is the creation of dynamic web applications. Examples of web applications are social networking sites like Facebook or e-commerce sites like Amazon. But it’s also a good choice if you just want a general introduction to coding, since it’s super easy to get started.

There are many courses online for web development but student often get confused and there are also many fraud courses available. So we want to give 5 best courses that are available right now.

5.Full-Stack Web Development with React Specialization by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

If you want to start from basics and want to dive into some complex topics such as react then it is best course for you. It is not a beginner level course but if you are interested and want to dive more deep into topic then this is one of the best course for you.

About this course:

The first two courses in this Specialization cover front-end frameworks: Bootstrap 4 and React. You’ll also learn to create hybrid mobile applications, using React Native. On the server side, you’ll learn to implement NoSQL databases using MongoDB, work within a Node.js environment and Express framework, and communicate to the client side through a RESTful API. Learners enrolling in this Specialization are expected to have prior working knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

The skills you will earn after completing this certification is:

  • Bootstrap (Front-End Framework)
  • Node.Js
  • React (Javascript Library)
  • Redux’
  • Jquery
  • SASS (Stylesheet Language)
  • Authentication
  • Mongodb
  • Express.Js

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4.Professional Certificate in Computer Science for Web Programming by Harvard

Harvard – This name is enough. It is one of the top 3 colleges in the world. Harvard started offering its premium courses through web platforms like Coursera and Edx. This course comes with the professional certificate offered by Harvard University. This will immediately boost your CV.

About This course:

This professional certificate series combines CS50’s legendary Introduction to Computer Science course with a new program that takes a deep dive into the design and implementation of web apps with Python, JavaScript, and SQL using frameworks like Flask, Django, and Bootstrap.

The main skills you will learn from this course are:

  • A broad and robust understanding of computer science and programming
  • How to scale your web applications
  • How to keep track of changes made to code, synchronize code between different people, and test changes to code
  • The various ways an API can be used
  • How to design and implement web pages and web apps
  • Familiarity in a number of languages, including C, Python, SQL, and JavaScript plus CSS and HTML

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3.Intro to HTML/CSS: Making Webpages by Khan Academy

Jobs at Khan Academy

Many of you know Khan Academy. Khan academy is an Non profitable organization offering its courses and learning for free from their platform. Its main aim is to educate students and increase teacher skills.

About this course:

In this course, you will divide your time between HTML, the markup language that surrounds content, and CSS, the stylesheet language used to implement design on your website. These are some of the oldest programming languages in use, but they are far from obsolete. Contrarily, they act as the foundation for most internet pages.

It is one of the most trusted sites offering its premium education for free.

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2. The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0 by Udemy

Udemy is one of the best sources for online learning and one of the most trusted sites. The best part about these courses are these are directly taught by industrial experts or scientists or experts from various fields. This course is for absolute beginners and nearly 300k+ students are already registered for this course.

About this course:

Designed for you—no matter where you are in your coding journey—my next-generation web developer course is overflowing with fresh content. Jam-packed with high-quality tutorials.  And crucially, features the most advanced, hot-off-the-press software versions.

The skills you will learn in this course include:

  • How does the web work?
  • Setting up your (free) hosting
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • CMSs and WordPress
  • Responsive Design
  • PHP Coding
  • MySQL Databases
  • Putting it all together: Making a Twitter clone

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1.Basics of Web Development and Coding Specialization by University of Michigan

If you’re a beginner, but you’re motivated to gain vital web development skills, this course is for you. You’ll learn how to create high-quality websites for smartphones, computers, and tablets. At the end of the course, you’ll put your skills to the test by creating a professional-quality web portfolio.

About this course:

This Specialization covers how to write syntactically correct HTML5 and CSS3, and how to create interactive web experiences with JavaScript. Mastering this range of technologies will allow you to develop high quality web sites that, work seamlessly on mobile, tablet, and large screen browsers accessible. During the capstone you will develop a professional-quality web portfolio demonstrating your growth as a web developer and your knowledge of accessible web design. This will include your ability to design and implement a responsive site that utilizes tools to create a site that is accessible to a wide audience, including those with visual, audial, physical, and cognitive impairments.

The main skills you will gain from this course are:

  • Cascading Style Sheets (CCS)
  • Html5
  • JavaScript
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Web Design
  • Web Accessibility
  • Html
  • Style Sheets
  • Document Object Model (DOM)
  • Bootstrap (Front-End Framework)

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These are not absolute ranking this ranking is based on the value of the course the quality and satisfaction of the course we have discussed with many students and faculties and some of the web development professionals for this list.

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