The future of Esports?

The future of Esports?

The Esports has become a billion-dollar industry in the last two decades. The trajectory of the increase of Esports is giving opportunity to many multinational companies to invest. Professional Players are becoming Celebrities, Tournaments filling arenas with screaming people injecting Real money into this Esports Ecosystem.


The Esports arenas are filling like Pancakes and millions of people are watching it live

Why Esports is famous?

  • Accessibility of Games.
  • It has become a Social activity.
  • Quality of Games.
  • Increasing career options

Competitive gaming isn’t new, but it has become much more mainstream just in the past few years. After all, eSports is really starting to gain a lot of momentum and widespread popularity. It doesn’t show any signs of slowing down soon.

There are huge tournament-style event competitions like the League of Legends World Championship that attracts millions of viewers across the world.

Not only Selling out arenas but also a lot of Esports fans watch online through streaming options like Youtube, Twitch. Spectators are arriving like mobs to Watch their favorite athletes competing live with other competitors all over the world.

The Actual growth in 2000’s

counter-strike global offensive(2018)

Since 2000 The number of official Tournaments increased rapidly from 52 to 898 in 2010. The eSports took a big boost when counter-strike(CS) has released on 8th November 2000 since then eSports took a massive surge In the field of gaming. Online streaming platforms came into action like youtube and twitch have really helped to bring esports to viewers.

The online streaming services is a place to go to watch competitive esports. In 2016 famous game league of legends was held in Los Angeles, CA in the same arena that professional basketball teams play (the Staples Center) after all The event had a sell-out crowd and over 43 million unique viewers whereas that year Wimbledon is watched by 1 million live viewers. By this comparison, you may have understood how much it has evolved.

As you can see, eSports has come a long way and has turned into a massive industry. In 2017, there was over $114 million awarded in eSports prize money across the world. The largest prize money from a single tournament was $24.6 million after all The International 2017 The industry has only really just started to take off, and there’s no looking back.

Its like any other sports:

Competition is the main motive of any other sports like basketball or football etc. so many people love competition in gaming it is the main reason for the development of sports. And in these communities, you can interact with your favorite player using streaming platforms you can know about them better their lifestyle. you can sometimes interact with them using social media. This is the main reason in which eSports have the upper hand on normal sports.

source: Instagram from mortal account

Watching our favorite people playing in big tournaments knowing their strategies and their gameplay increases anticipation of viewers. And this professional gaming is free, easily accessible, and can be watched 24/7.


The future of esports is very bright. it has come a long way since it’s early beginnings in the 2000s. it is showing no sign of looking back due to COVID 19. So many gaming companies are organizing official tournaments that increasing their popularity. So many gaming organizations are expanding their organization to many other games.

Some of the Gaming giants in gaming industry

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