Healthy lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle

Doing a workout is something that has helped many people to achieve a healthy lifestyle. A Healthy lifestyle gave us strength, boosting confidence, etc.

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Now a days because of many reasons like corona virus pandemic , job, studies people are not able to workout or can’t find time for workout .But is it workout only that can help people to  achieve a Healthy lifestyle??? Obviously not ,By having minor changes  in your daily routine you can also achieve a Healthy lifestyle.

Habits which will help you to achieve a healthy lifestyle

  • Drink water right after you wake up

As we know,60% of the human body is comprised of water which helps in body functioning .Drinking water early in the morning helps to increase the metabolic rate of the body which helps to burn the calories at a faster rate and thus providing you energy for work.


Drinking water helps us to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Drinking water early morning also helps eliminate toxins from the body which strengthens the immune and digestive system which also helps in better weight loss. It also helps in rehydrating the body, improving mental performance,  increasing blood flow to the skin which ultimately provides glowing skin.

  • Try to monitor your health regularly
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You should always try to maintain your Healthy lifestyle by monitoring your weight, Lung function test, Blood pressure, etc. most important check your BMI within a regular interval of time if you are losing weight or gaining weight. if you want to know how to check BMI and BMR Click here

  • Consume Breakfast

The human body requires energy to perform different task’s and every task consume calories so to maintain calories we should always healthy Breakfast. To maintain a healthy lifestyle enough amount of calories is required Between (500-700)cal.

During the day we consume at regular intervals which provide constant energy to the body whereas at the night the case is not the same. During the time gap between the last meal of the day and the first meal of the next day, Our body goes into a fasting state in which it takes energy from the last meal only.

During sleep, the body uses energy and thus it requires energy early morning, and having breakfast does that job.

Breakfast is preferred in the morning because it breaks that fasting state and provides our body with the required amount of energy. Those people who don’t consume breakfast lacks energy because of which they search for easy snack options or junk foods which will provide them instant energy, which in long term damages their body.

Researchers claim that those who don’t eat breakfast are more likely to eat any kind of junk food which can increase the chances of obesity, can cause type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Thus eating a healthy breakfast can protect your body from many problems.

  • A healthy breakfast contain
  1. source of complex carbs like oats,  poha , upma, etc.
  2. protein source like eggs, milk, paneer, tofu, etc
  3. any fruit of your choice
  • DO walk after having your dinner

Most of the people in the world after having dinner just sit of couch and start watching their favorite tv shows.

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Walking after dinner is not just burning calories, it’s a way to maintain a healthy weight and a healthy lifestyle. A small walk after dinner helps in digesting the food, lowering down the levels of blood pressure, bad cholesterol, and promotes weight loss. Just spending 10-15 mins on it, you can protect your body from many big also enhances blood circulation to various parts of the body.

 Some people might feel bloating or gas formation when they go for walk just after dinner, so those people can just wait for 5 mins and then take a walk.

  • Consume minimum amount of junk food

To achieve a healthy lifestyle it is important to make good food choices and considering junk food as healthy food is the worst decision which most people make. Junk foods are made with the help of processing.

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They contain a high amount of bad carbs, unhealthy fat and sugars which your body neither need nor it demands where as protein and micronutrients which are beneficial for the body are completely absent in them.

Consuming junk food is just an intake of calories and nothing more. It is proven that those who consume junk food regularly basis get addicted to it.

Since junk food doesn’t contain fiber it is not digested properly and regular consumption or long term causes constipation, obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and many more problems. Thus consuming junk food on regular basis only damages your body and also damages your lifestyle.

But this doesn’t mean that you completely avoid junk food because eating healthy continously for longer periods can increase your cravings for junk food which will be difficult to control, so you can consume junk food in 90:10 ratio in which 90% of the time you should make healthy food choices and once in 2 weeks you can take a break and eat a cheat meal which will help you to maintain a healthy routine for a longer period of time.

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