Effective habits of a good student

Effective habits of a good student
Effective habits of a good student

We know many people may be our friends, colleagues or relatives who were really bright from a young age. Do they ever tell you about what tips they followed? Have they discussed how they overcome their lazy life and became successful? The majority would be surely going to say “NO” because those people won’t be sharing their ideas (especially relatives of Indian descent).

Effective habits of a good student

Need to understand every student isn’t on the same level

Let’s try to figure it out every student is talented and special without a doubt. But, every student need not be on the same platform this truth we should accept as a parent or a guardian. Moreover, we should not force our children to be like him/her, study like him/her, why are you not scoring marks, etc.

However, these things are meant to be stopped as a result of all these activities many young students despite having such healthy brains students are pressurised by their parents. Therefore, many students now are committing suicide because of this huge pressure.

effective habits of good student say no to suicide

The five effective habits of good student:

Why is Chanakya the Greatest Genius of Modern Time? - The Policy Times
(Chankaya Pandita)

Based on the ancient Hindu religious teacher Chanakya Pandita a student should be having these qualities:

1)Kaak Cheshtha: One should try to effort like a crow.

2)Bako Dhyanam: One should focus like a crane

3)Shwaan Nidra: One should be alert like a dog.

4)Alpahari: We should be giving proper and useful inputs to our senses.

5)Grihtyaagi: One should come out of his/her comfort zone.

In conclusion, a student who really wants to excel in his life must be having all these qualities. One -by -one we’ll discuss everything.

(1) Kaak Cheshtha:

The word “Kaak Cheshtha” means that one should try to put his efforts like a crow also while we were in our schools we might have read or listened somewhere about a thirsty crow.

In addition to that, it also emphasizes that one should be very eager to learn new concepts every day like a thirsty crow we should work smart.

Altogether it makes the first and foremost effective habit of the good student.

(2)Bako Dhyanam:

Here these words Bako means Crane and Dhyanam mean concentration or focus it’s been said that concentration should be the second most important factor which can change the student, we need to focus like a crane focuses to catch its prey.

effective habits of good student
crane catching it’s prey

One should compete with his/her patience to achieve something in their life and we need to develop our concentration power by doing some sort of meditation.

The benefits of meditation includes:

1)Increasing Self-awareness.

2)Focusing on the present situation.

3)Building some new skills for stress management

4)It reduces negative emotions etc.

As a result of this meditation, we can be able to think patiently, be calm, and can make wise decisions easily.

(3)Shwaan Nidra:

Shwaan Nidra means one should be able to control his sleep like a dog and we all know that dog is always alert whether it is sleeping or it is conscious the point here remains about alertness. One student should always strive to have a dog’s sleep he/she should sleep at some particular time and should wake up accordingly.

sleeping dog effective habits of a good student.

After conducting various experiments leading scientists have discovered that to keep optimum health. The best hours of sleep for our body are between 10pm to 6am sleeping late at night may cause some types of cancers, heart diseases, etc. For instance, nature acts according to the precise rhythm cycles influenced by the Sun. Daily the sun rises and sets, the seasons come and go, the moon waxes and wanes, and the ocean tides rise and fall. As a result, in nature one may see that both animals and plants are awake and asleep in harmonics with the above-described rhythms. This is called Biological Clock.


The above word Alpahari means that we should be able to regulate and control our senses and useful inputs must be given to our biological system. Here Alpahari also means that regulation of food also plays a vital role in a student’s life.

If let us suppose a person is eating too much he will be sleeping more and as a result of this they’ll be sleeping more and as a consequence, he wouldn’t be able to concentrate on anything. Whereas, if a person consumes a very little amount of food they’ll be having some sort of sleeping disorder which can damage their power of focus.

So, the food we eat should be taken in such a way that our stomach should be filled with :

(All readings are taken assuming the quantity of stomach to be 10 cubic units)

  • 50% Food
  • 25% Water
  • 25% Air


All my friends especially from India please kindly note that Grihtyaagi doesn’t mean that you should leave your home and take a renounced order of life here it means that to achieve something great you really need to sacrifice few things out of which the most important thing is to come out from your comfort zone.

The above all mentioned effective habits of a good student hold good when you take this last point seriously. Meaning for example you are supposed in your Chemistry class and you’re mastering organic chemistry questions that is good but you should come out of this organic chemistry zone and start something new other than organic chemistry like for instance you should start studying physical chemistry then you came out of your comfort zone and you started working on that subject with determination and focus. Then you’re sure to get success in physical chemistry as well.


If you’ll practice all these things seriously you’ll definitely become a good student and get success!

effective habits of a good student

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