Effect Of Population Explosion In India

Effect Of Population Explosion In India
Population Explosion

Hi Bloggers ! Today we will discuss about Population growth in India as well as the population explosion in India

Before starting the blog we would like to ask all of you have you ever heard of a topic called Population Growth ? But wait there is more knowledge available about The Population explosion In developing country like India.

Indian people in a road


It should be noted that after the end of World War II (1939-1945) there was an elevation in the population

We can call it as a period of growth of population of the world including our India experienced the more population growth than any other country during those years.

Alternatively India’s population was estimated to be 100 million in 1600 A.D.

  • It was then 120 million in 1800 .
  • 238.4 million in 1901 .
  • 361.1 million in 1951.
  • 846.3 million in 1991 and
  • Estimated to be 100 million in August 1999.The population chain keeps on growing. (1 million= 10 lakhs)
Population Census of  India
Figure shows the estimated population density of India (2011).

Increase in Population:

The National Population Policy draft prepared in 1997 by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare the rate of fertility of 2.1 will be achieved by 2010.

On the other hand when the administration surveyed ,and they got an information that this particular fertility rate which is to be achieved by 2010 is not achieved till now.

This clearly shows us the fact that how the administration failed to control the population growth of India.(here administration refers to the government)

Change in total fertility rate in India across many years.
Clearly this graph shows the fact that population growth is very much hazardous to us.
Unemployed women in rural area
Unemployed Rural Women In India

The phenomenon of galloping population in India:

As many of us don’t know these facts

Therefore we’re here to share some lesser known facts about the population galloping and how it can create a bad image among others.

  1. You guys may wonder that the every sixth person on the globe today is an Indian.
  2. Here comes the interesting fact is by the end of this century every fifth person of the world will be an Indian.
  3. India adds 46,500 persons to its population every day.
group of poor Indian children.

3) India is a country which has 29 states and 7 u/t .(u/t= union territories). Then we can finally understand that if the total number of people are increasing in one state it will also increase the number of people residing in that country.

Hence it becomes very much crucial to control the state’s population and then we should take action on country’s population. Isn’t it guys?

Around 49 per cent of the increase in India’s population in one decade is in the five states of :


2)Madhya Pradesh


4)Rajasthan and

5)Uttar Pradesh (known as BIMARU states).

BIMARU Analysis.
The BIMARU States are/would be responsible for more amount of population growth in India

4)By 2035, India will overtake China as the world’s most populous nation. While the rate of annual population growth in India is 3.5 per cent, in China it is 2.1 per cent.

We need to control our population rate if we want to emerge or rise as the best nation in all aspects.

Causes of Population Growth:

1)Low Age at Marriage:

Child marriage is a very disturbing thing which is used to practiced in almost every part of India. (Rajasthan majorly)

Before the government idea about this child marriage thing many of our ancestors even did this thing.

Even today it exits in India. The thing is many girls are not at all ready to raise their voices against it? (This is a completely a different topic).

The infant mortality rate is directly proportional to the marriage women age and as the age group increases, the fertility rate decreases. So the proper age of marriage should be 23-25 years.

Child Marriage :A serious issue
A man of higher age is married with a girl comparatively of lower age.

2)High Illiteracy:

Let me explain how this takes place.

As every thing has some procedure to be followed like that this even has some procedure.

EXAMPLE: (steps)

Let me till you if one family is planning to have a direct link with female education.

The female education is directly associated with age at marriage.

It is then related to at which time the women is giving birth and some other factors even.

Hence it is also very dangerous for us.

Illiterate Person holding a book.

3)Widening Gaps between Birth and Death rates:

Since the average annual birth rate in India which was 42 per thousand people in 1951-61 came down to 28.1 per thousand in 1996.

Even the death rate also came down from over 27 per thousand people in 1951-61 to 9.1 in 1996.

During this period of time the birth rate in India had no change in these many years and even that death rate bent down sharply.

So this is the reason why our population is increasing with such a pace. (We Indians can be ‘Immortal‘)

Birth Rate and Death Rate in India .

4)Some Religious Issues:

As everyone of you know that India is known for its culture, heritage, diversity . India is such a rare country which consists of Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists, Christians, Jain etc.

Many families allow their children to go and do work in some other place whereas some old thinking people even exist today they have some different mindset.

The mindset is that if someone belong to a Hindu family his/her children(s) should only work for Hindus and if someone belong to a Muslim family they are only supposed to work under Muslims.

This is what the saddest part is they are unknowingly increasing the unemployment rate in India.

Effects of Population explosion:

India and its population explosion
India and its population explosion

The growth of population has a direct effect on the living standards of people.

Despite our progress in the agricultural and industrial sectors since independence we still have many problems. What are those problems many of us will get that question into our brain/mind . Stay with us guys we will discuss what are the things

The issues include like overcrowding of our cities brought many problems in aspects of transportation, food, electricity , shelter and other services. Isn’t guys?

If the number of people continues to increase at this rate, in a few years from now, we will have an army of unemployed, hungry and desperate people.

They will completely shake the social, economic and as well as the political systems and institutions of the country and this is happening due to an increase in number of citizens in India.

Effects of Over Population:

1)Manpower Utilization:

The number of jobless people (numbest) is on the rise in India due to economic depression and slow business development and expansion activities.

2)Resource Utilization:

Land areas water resources and the forests are over exploited by the way There is also a case of pollution if in case they are used more than the specified quantity .

Resources available in India.
Resources used by Indians are Indicated in the pie chart shown above.


In comparison to the other countries the opposite thing is happening in India.

Firstly, the number of illiterate persons increases every year. Secondly and most importantly, it is very much difficult for a developing country like India as the unemployment rate critically effects the Nation’s Economic conditions.

A group of unemployed youths .

4)Decreased production and increased costs:

We’ll know the fact Food produced in India is far more less than the number of people residing in our country. So, it is therefore very much difficult

Hence there is a case for increased costs and many poor people don’t have that much money and they can’t afford it.

For Instance: Increased rates under COVID-19 Pandemic.

Increased price rates.

5)Inequitable income distribution:

During this period where the number of people across our country are increasing this results to population explosion .

Also, there is an unequal distribution of income and also there is unequal distribution of the resources (which are available).

Every nook and corner of India is a clear display of the increasing population?

Whether you are in a metro station, airport, railway station, road, highway, bus stop, hospital, shopping mall, market, temple, or even in a social/ religious gathering, we all say they all as a busy place.

From this it is a clear indication that there is some increase of citizens India.

Comparison between population of  India and China.
By 2050 India will be the most populated Country.

Why India Needs Population Control Bill ?

Now first of all this is very much important to know that the birth rate in India is very higher than the death rate

The other reason is the fertility level also felt from 6 to 3.2.

These two reasons are very much important hence we need to have a control bill for controlling population explosion.

Is the Population growth sustainable?

During the last 50 years the number of people in India has increased or in other words that the person occupying per unit square area which is also known by the name “population density” has increased a lot.

Under this situation the fertility rate of India felt from 6 children per couple to only 3.2.

Even though our Indian economy has increased but it got varied from one person to the other person.

Controls for population Explosion:

As I said before the rich people are becoming richer and poor people becoming more poor.

Therefore we need to distribute the resources equally.

If we do so we can together stay peacefully and also we may my say that resource management is the first and foremost thing to do.

Since everything is based on resources.

Especially if the level of population will increase then we’re only responsible for pulling our country back in the competition among the other ones.

In addition to that the future fertility decline.

In order to control this process one must need to be aware what are all the consequences which are coming to effect our future generation.

By akshit and vaibhav

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