Best pre-workout meal for muscle gain

Best pre-workout meal for muscle gain

A Good diet plays a very vital role in terms of bodybuilding or for maintain good health. So in this blog, we will share the best pre-workout meal for muscle gain that can easily available or Easy to cook . pre-workout food provides you good energy which helps you to perform your exercise efficiently.

DIET =Did I Eat That
Did I Eat That = DIET

You can make 30% body in GYM, 70% body is made in the kitchen

You can have your Pre-workout meal 100-80 min before your workout if you are undergoing an intense gym workout and you can have your pre-workout meal 30min before if you are undergoing light exercise.

In a Pre-workout meal, you have to add good numbers of carbs, protein, and healthy fat. Carbs help maximize your body’s ability to use glycogen to fuel short- and high-intensity exercises, while fat helps fuel your body for longer exercise sessions.

Eating protein helps improve muscle protein synthesis, prevent muscle damage and promote recovery.

These are the best pre-workout foods that are rich in Fat, Protein, and carbohydrates.

1) Oats ::-

Oats are the best pre-workout food. you can have oats 1 hrs before your workout. Oats are rich in carbs especially Complex carbs, protein,
oats with milk and dry fruits

Oats are the best pre-workout food. you can have oats 1 hrs before your workout. Oats are rich in carbs especially Complex carbs, protein, minerals, and many essential fatty acids, and also oats are a great source of fibers as well.

Add 1cup of hot milk in Oats and you can also add dry fruits or any fruits such as bananas, berries, dates, etc for better taste.

Oats will make you energetic through the exercise and it takes time to digest therefore keeping you satiated for longer slowly releasing sugar into the bloodstream.

2) Bananas::-

banana is good in carbs and you can have banana before workout

Banana is also good as your pre-workout meal. Banana is a great source of carbohydrates, potassium, and manganese.

Bananas help you preventing muscles from cramps, and also helps in healing wound and also increase bone strength and your endurance.

You can have a banana just before your workout 5-10 min before your workout. banana can easily digest and act as a powerhouse of fuel that helps the body to function effectively throughout the day.

3) White Eggs ::-

egg rich in protein you can have 5-10 egg in a day  depend upon intensity of your exercises.

Eggs provide a good amount of protein. you can also have Egg before a workout. One Egg provides 5 grams and about 80 calories, and 5 grams of fat, and 1.6 grams of saturated fat, along with iron, vitamins, minerals, and carotenoids.

You can have Egg 30-40 min before your workout and you can also have yolk as well because it improves the level of HDL in blood level thereby protecting the heart.

4) Peanut Butter ::-

best pre-workout meal is peanut butter povides you variety of nutrients such as proteins, carbs, etc.
peanut butter with jam

Peanut butter is a very good meal as pre-workout and it provides you variety of nutrients such as proteins, carbs, etc.
but also rich in calories and good fat therefore if you want to maintain your calories count use peanut butter at a moderate level.

You can use peanut butter 40-45 min before hitting the gym.
you can have peanut with whole wheat or multigrain bread for the sandwich and add honey for natural sugar.

If you are working out in the morning then have a brown bread peanut butter sandwich, since you have been fasting for the last eight to nine hours.

5) Coffee::-

black coffee use as pre workout drink
black coffee

Black Coffee can be considered a good pre-workout drink Black Coffee plays an important role before your workout if you are going for an intense workout.

The caffeine in the coffee gets your adrenaline rushing and keeps you active throughout the workout.
Don’t overdose on it though and make sure you have limited quantities of the black coffee at least 30 minutes before workouts.

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